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Picnic Baskets

Our picnic baskets are prepared for 2 people to share. If you'd like anything extra to be added to your selection please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please note - basket and delivery are not included in the prices below.

Rustic Picnic Fare for 2

Trio of Cheeses - Brie, Goat's Cheese and Mature Cheddar
Mini Wooden cheese board
Cream Crackers
Trio of mini berry jams
Mixed Roasted Nuts
Seasonal fruits - grapes, strawberries or figs
Crispy French Baguette
Chicken liver or Salmon Pate
Trio of Italian Cold cuts - Salami,Prosciutto and Coppa
Marinated Olives

Box of Chocolate truffles
Mineral Water
Bottle of JC Le Roux - red, white or pink

Option 1:

Fresh Chiabatta
Meze selection - tzatziki, humus and olives
Chicken liver pate
Cold meat selection
Trio of Cape cheeses with grapes, preserve and crackers
Double chocolate brownie with fresh fruits
Mineral water
Appletizer or Grapetizer

Option 2:

Leafless Greek salad
Lemon & herb chicken kebabs
Smoked ham filled with fresh mayo vegies & chives
Greek meat balls with tzatziki
Fresh baguette
Chocolate brownies/ Chocolate mousse/Koeksisters
Grapetizer or Fruit juice
Mineral water
Bottle of Sparkling Wine - red, white or pink

Option 3:

Crispy chiabatta with grilled chicken, roasted pepper, Mozzarella and basil pesto
Leafless Greek salad
Mixed roasted nuts
Crispy root vegetables crisps
Seasonal fruit
Chocolate brownies/Chocolate mousse/Custard slice
Mineral water
Fruit juice/Grapetizer
Bottle of Sparkling Wine - red, white or pink

Option 4:

Roast chicken, rocket pesto, Parmesan and avocado baguette
Ripe Camembert and Semi-Dried Fig Skewer
Savory Biscuits
Fresh Seasonal Cape Grapes or Strawberries
Roasted mixed nuts
Mini cupcake
Chocolate brownie, Danish pastry and Mini koeksisters
Mineral water

Option 5:

Roast chicken, feta, pepper dews and avo wrap
Creamy herb baby potato salad
Roasted mixed nuts
Duo of cape cheeses
Savory Biscuits
Fresh Seasonal Cape grapes or Strawberries
Milk Tartlet
Mini Koeksister
Mineral water

Option 6:

Grilled Chicken, Feta, Avo & Peppadew Wrap
Basil, mozzarella & cherry tomato salad sticks
Cheese sticks
Chicken Kebabs
White chocolate brownies
Mineral water

Option 7:

Cream cheese, Basil pesto, Roasted pepper, Gypsy Ham and Watercress Chiabatta
Antipasto selection - olives, marinated pepper, hummus, Italian salami, Chorizo and mini pita bread
Fresh Cape grapes or Strawberries
Roasted Almonds
Home made Tiramisu or Chocolate Mousse
Mineral Water

Option 8:

"Fine Artisanal"

Crispy French Baguette with farm butter
Bocconcini & Cherry tomato salad with fresh basil
Baby potato salad with creamy fresh herbs dressing
Pork & Duck Rillettes OR Duck, Chicken & Pistachio Rillettes
Fresh, handmade labneh - Moroccan Spiced - Poppy seeds & Chili - Basil pesto - Pepper dew with labneh
Charcuterie selection - Parma ham - Chorizo - Pepperoni - with mustard
Fresh seasonal fruits
Dessert selection - handmade nougat bonbons, chocolate truffles, cheesecake in a jar.

Option 9:

"Before Sunset"

Crispy chiabatta with farm butter
Marinated olives
Homemade humus
Marinated pepper, aubergines and mushrooms
Brie, provolone and labneh with green figs preserve
Seasonal fruits
Baked mini cheese cake

Option 10:

"Sweet and Spicy"

Crispy chiabatta sticks
Fid, honey & walnut cream cheese
Morrocan spiced labneh
Chorizo, olives and cherry tomato skewers
Pepper dews with labneh
Marinated chargrilled sweet pepper
Cheese sticks
Seasonal fruits
Mini baklava with honey and pistachio nuts

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